The company was started by Raymond B Long in 1938 when he purchased 1 truck to haul produce from local farms to the marketplace. The company grew over the next 4 decades to nearly 100 trucks hauling construction materials and fuel oil in the local region.

In 1969 Raymond's son-in-law, Paul Yerk Jr. along with two partners purchased the company from Raymond and incorporated as "Raymond Long Inc."

On a Thursday evening in 1972, while traveling to dinner with his 3 daughters, Paul challenged his daughters to come up with a new name for the company. The name was officially changed to Indian Valley Bulk Carriers, Inc.

After the untimely death of one of the partners in 1983, Paul purchased 100% of the company from the surviving partner. Since that time, Paul's middle daughter has been a corporate officer and poised to become the 3rd generation owner along with her two sisters.

Through strict adherence to customer demand and unwavering dedication to quality service, Paul has built IVBC into an elite trucking company with expanded capabilities across the tri-state region. Paul has also dedicated his time to serve as a Board member and Officer of both the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association and the State Office of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association(PMTA)