No Call, No Text, NO TICKET

Thursday, April 27, 2017
The attached "fact sheet" from the US DOT/FMCSA discusses the increased odds with being involved in a safety critical event while driving a CMV.  The chances are 23 times more than non distracted driving.  Put that in perspective, something we can all understand.  
If you normally earn $1000 per week and you increase your pay rate by 23 times you would make $23,000 per week.   Got your attention?  Maybe then you will notice the possible penalties listed in this fact sheet.  For texting or talking while operating a CMV the fines could go as high as $2,750 on the spot.  
As we have seen in our past, the company could also receive a fine in the mail as a result of you talking/texting while operating one of our trucks.  That fine can go as high as $11,000.

So next time you reach for your phone while driving

Think Twice 


Wait until you reach your next stop! 

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